Monday, June 26, 2017

National Parks Tour 2017

Finally the week has arrived, the week that we leave for our big National Park tour. We plan on doing a big loop around the USA that will hit many National Parks that we have never been to before. We may even revisit a few of our favorites. Of course we will also see everything in between. Lyn, and I will be heading out with Jasper in our usual Toyota Prius but this time we will be pulling our super fancy 1964 pop up camper. It is one that my Dad bought in that same year and has been in the family ever since. We did a few test runs last summer and the Prius seems to pull it just fine. Of course this time we will be pulling it back and forth across the Continental Divide so only time will tell. But for now we are excited to be sleeping off the ground in what feels like a mini Taj Mahal. We are heading out this Saturday on July 1st. We plan on arriving to the Great Sand Dunes National Park on July 4th. We will be spending the rest of this week tying up loose ends and getting our final packing done. Luckily Lyn is off work already and I will be off this Friday.  So follow along if you care to we would love to have you with us. 

Subject to change.

Yes the Prius can actually pull a camper.

Mini Taj Mahal!